Owl Pellet Detectives

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Earlier this week the 1st Yapton & Ford Scout Group HQ was transformed into a wildlife detectives lab where Yapton Cubs  were set the challenge to find out what our Northwood barn owls like to eat.

To do this they simply needed an owl pellet to dissect.  Ranger Hannah was at hand to assist as she’d been out earlier that day to collect some.  Pellets were handed out and the cubs got to work.

If you didn’t already know, pellets are the undigested parts of a bird’s food, such as hair or bones, which are regurgitated (coughed up through the beak).  During the session, several rodent skulls were carefully removed and the group could identify that field vole and common were the most popular meal for our active barn owls.

Not only owls produce pellets, kestrel and sparrowhawk do too, even crows and sparrows.  Although the pellet will look very different depending on what the bird eats. To find out more about barn owls and their pellets go to the Barn Owl Trust website: http://www.barnowltrust.org.uk/barn-owl-facts/barn-owl-pellet-analysis/



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