Northwood Survey Working Holiday 2017

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The sun shone (with only a few light showers) throughout our third annual Northwood Survey Working Holiday Week. Thanks to 12 very enthusiastic volunteers and some very knowledgeable specialists, we collected a variety of wildlife records.

During the week we surveyed flora with Dom from Species Recovery, Moths with Derek and Mike from Sussex Moth Society, birds with Chris and Chris from Chichester RSPB, Invertebrates with Mike from Ammophila and a spot of owl pellet dissection on the last afternoon between ourselves.


Every year we do this week long survey we spot a new sighting for Northwood. This year it was a nightingale.  It was a bit late in the season to hear its beautiful song but we were able to see its chestnut rump before it flew out of sight.  There’s bound to be several new moth sightings too but I still need to tackle that data as it went on for more than six pages.  Wish me luck!  Moths are mostly active at night and can be lured into a moth trap via a light inside. They enter through a funnel and get trapped inside, first thing the next morning they are recorded and released back into the wild.  A special thanks goes out to our fabulous volunteers Carole, Jim and Fionn for camping overnight to shut down the traps at dawn.

Once I’ve imputed the data from all the surveys carried out during the week, I’ll put it into a report and upload onto the blog so watch this space.

The 2017 working group were fantastic this year and thanks to all their hard work and long hours sticking head into sweep nets and noses into ground flora, we’ve had our best survey week ever for species records – thanks guys!

The 2017 Northwood Working Holiday Volunteers


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