Happy New Year from Northwood

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What better way to kick star the New Year than with a Northwood Task Day. Ripping out ancient stock fencing and repairing numerous tree tubes were the jobs of the day.

When we took over the ex-arable Northwood fields, we also inherited over 6km of unnecessary barbed wire fencing. The fencing was mostly overgrown with vegetation and falling apart in areas, not to mention an eyesore.  For wildlife to pass freely (and walkers, in sections) without getting harmed, it all needed to go. Believe me, it’s not the easiest stuff to remove and the brambles certainly don’t help. We’ve been gradually picking away at it over the last four years and hopefully this month we should see the last of it.

Thanks to high winds and curious critters some of our tree tubes have needed a little extra tender loving care this month. Either the wooden stakes supporting the tubes upright had loosened or the cable ties holding them up had come apart (some might even say nibbled apart).  With some maintenance they were back up and fully protecting the tree saplings inside again.

We’re always so grateful for the time our volunteers dedicate. These aren’t the most exciting or even enjoyable tasks that Northwood have to offer but they’re tasks that need doing to help Northwood flourish.  So thanks again team, and here’s to 2019….now with less barbed wire and healthier growing saplings.

A busy day had, removing old barbed wire fencing.


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