A 2.5 tonne block of Portland stone will commemorate the ‘Rise of Northwood’ project and the history behind the area. Throughout 2015, the stone will be moved to different parts of the Slindon Estate and in each location the stone’s sculptor Jon Edgar will continue to develop the stone and its story with influences from the changing landscape and inspiration from visitors to Northwood. The unique twist to this sculpture is that it won’t just be sculptor Jon working on the stone but the whole community too!

At each location visitors and passer-by’s will be able to contribute to its design. Once in its complete form, the stone sculpture will be returned to Northwood where it will permanently watch over the growing woodland.

The block of Portland stone began its year long journey outside the Slindon Forge at the beginning of November 2014.  Whilst there, it remained it its raw form for passers-by to view the next two weeks. At the end of November 2014 it was relocated to Northwood where sculptor Jon Edgar began working on it at our tree planting launch.



Everybody has had a different idea of what the finished sculpture should look like – see what children from Slindon Primary School have come up with recently!

Slindon Primary sculpture artwork       Slindon Primary sculpture artwork


Slindon Primary sculpture artwork      Slindon Primary sculpture artwork


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